Hazardous Tree Removal & Pruning

Mark' professional tree service

Mark's Professional Tree Service is the Grand Rapids area's most highly rated tree & arborist service!

We are a family-owned, professional tree service business and are fully licensed and insured. We have been serving the Grand Rapids area for over 36 years.

We care about doing only quality work, and all our work is guaranteed. We work very hard so you will be 100% satisfied – please check our reviews. Hire us to take care of your trees and shrubs – we know you won’t be disappointed!
Contact Us now to become one of the hundreds of satisfied property owners we’ve helped throughout the years. Whether you have a small or large property, our safety and expertise will take care of your tree issues with zero headaches for you!

Tree Removal

We offer the safe and professional removal of dead, diseased or unwanted trees from your yard or commercial property. By calling our tree removal experts, you’ll avoid common DIY pitfalls – damage to your home or nearby structures, harm to the surrounding landscape, as well as serious personal injury.

For over 36 years in the Grand Rapids area tree services business, our family owned & operated company specializes in tree removal that’s quick, thorough – and typically more affordable than you might think. And our highly-trained tree technicians have the expertise and equipment to properly and carefully take down trees of any size. Then our crane can remove your tree trunks and branches without damage to your home or property. And we always clean up when we’re done!

Mark' professional tree service
Mark' professional tree service

Trees and Shrubs

We offer over 2,500 types of trees and shrubs, up to 15 feet tall. We sell, deliver and can plant them. Contact us to see which types are currently available and schedule your delivery.

Land and Lot Clearing

Ready to build? Mark’s Professional Tree Service can remove or trim all the trees and shrubs from your building site. We cut down the trees, remove the stumps, and haul everything away. If you need gravel or premium screened topsoil, we can provide that as well.

Tree Planting

We will plant trees in your front yard, back yard, office grounds, or other outer areas. Please call to consult with us as to the best species of tree and best spots for planting.

Tree Trimming

How can you keep your trees looking their best? By calling Mark’s Professional Tree Service, serving Grand Rapids and the surrounding areas. Our fully licensed and insured experts offer complete care, including tree disease and fungus identification, tree trimming and tree pruning for residential, commercial and municipal customers. We even offer 24/7 emergency assistance after a severe storm – we’ll come out and trim branches or remove entire trees if they pose a hazard.

In addition, proper maintenance will help ward off attacks from pests that can damage or kill your tree, even wreak havoc on the rest of your yard. Trimming also enables your tree to get the proper dose of sunlight and oxygen, no scraggly branches or clumps of dead leaves and debris to cause blockages.

Our highly-trained tree technicians have the expertise and equipment to properly and carefully trim trees of any size.

Stump Grinding and Removal

Once you’ve removed or cut down a tree, you’ll be left with a stump that needs to be handled. Mark’s Professional Tree Service provides totally professional residential and commercial stump grinding and removal services.

Our fully licensed and insured tree technicians have the skills and knowledge to evaluate and remove the stumps you have in your yard or commercial lot. We’ll improve the look of your property and give you back all the space taken up buy your tree stump.

Typically, we utilize a process called mechanical stump grinding – which is the best, quickest and most economical solution to remove the last part of the tree. Other methods for removing tree stumps are chemical decomposition or digging out the stump. We will discuss your options and go with the best choice for your needs and preferences.

And when we’re done, we will totally clean up the area! We remove the remains of your tree stump and can even fill it with premium screened topsoil as well. We do it all!

CALL US for a FREE NO OBLIGATION consultation to discuss your specific questions and needs.

Storm Damage and Emergency Clean-Up

When a storm hits and a tree comes down, you need help fast! Mark’s Professional Tree Service has the 24/7 manpower and equipment you need to handle any tree-related emergency situation. We’ll come to your home or business any time of day or night, clear your property, remove all the debris, and clean up when we’re done.

Mark' professional tree service
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